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Strengthen Families

Arias, Friade and Soria Families from Uruguay SFV stories

Wairimu Mwangi
November 19, 2022
Arias, Friade and Soria Families from Uruguay SFV stories

Everyday ordinary people across the world take time to do extraordinary work to improve their communities. They do this without expecting to be paid or given accolades. Many times their efforts go unnoticed. Today, we wish to celebrate three Sunshine Family Volunteers from Uruguay who over the years have been restoring hope and promoting peace and development in their country for years.


Soria Family:

66 year old José Soria and 57 year old Patricia Ponzo have been volunteering at Ciudad de la Costa Lions Club, Department of Canelones in Uruguay since 2018. They help handicapped children, providing special glasses to children with low vision, providing wheelchairs, canes and walkers for physically handicapped students. They also provide meals at the local cafeterias for the children and take children who have never seen the sea on field trips. “I feel very content working with people of different ages, but especially with the children,” shared José.

“I agree with my husband. I feel intimately comforted when I help those who need our support and affection,” added Patricia.


Friade Family:

54 year old Jorge Friade, 60 year old Dora Robaina de Friade and 15 year old Martín Friade Robaina live in Uruguay and have been running a Radio program, "Rains of Blessing" for the last 15 years. The program which is broadcasted throughout Uruguay, America and the world via Internet: runs every Monday, from 11:30 am to 12.00 noon, Uruguayan time.

Since its inception, the show which has been sharing messages of hope, from heart to heart, to everyone who has ears to hear. It has hosted many international guests and addresses different topics with wisdom and excellence. It has shared over 800 programs reaching an international audience eager to hear good news and to fill their lives with eternal values and principles Their son Martín Friade Robaina made his live debut in the program in 2011. It has been a great way for the family to serve together.

"'Showers of Blessing' is a program that invites reflection and to fill our lives with love, faith and hope in our God," said Jorge.

“The show has been a good challenge for our family since we are always looking to improve ourselves! In each program, we try to bring a message to people's hearts based on God's word. We always talk about current issues and we try that in each message people can be informed, grow and be nourished by what really matters in the midst of this troubled world,” said Dora.

"For me, "Showers of Blessing" is a unique time in the week to enjoy the word of God as a family,” shared Martin.


Arias Family:

José R. Arias, 61 years old and Marilena C. Arias, 52 years old live in the city of Melo in Uruguay. For decades, the Arias, including 19-year-old Samuel Arias Cusano, are very active in the civil society of Uruguay.

They volunteer in activities that promote ethics and values, marriage and family, and protect life and democracy.

But they are modest, “We do not like to list or publish the acts of service we do because we believe in the Christian principle that the right hand does not know what the left hand does,” said Marilena.


At GPW, we are inspired by these acts of kindness from our SFV volunteers from Italy. We encourage everyone across the world to step forward and invest their skills, resources and time in service and for the greater good. If you have such a Sunshine Family Volunteer story to share or your family wants to start such a project, email