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Giving Back by Planting Joy: Harmony's Story

Wairimu Mwangi
October 31, 2022
Giving Back by Planting Joy: Harmony's Story

Giving back to the community is a special act that leaves one feeling joyful and satisfied. It shows that we respect others and that we care about their welfare. It is also empowering to others, whether we use our time or resources to give back.

One stormy spring day, a band of sisters volunteered to plant a garden with a friend at a local church. The weather was cold as it was hailing. The weather was so extreme that by the end of the activity, they said they couldn’t feel their fingers. Despite the cold, they were happy doing it because they found it fulfilling. At the end of it, they had made a very beautiful garden.

“It will give joy to other who passersby,” they were told.

This idea stuck with them; flowers could give joy.

The youngest of the sisters was inspired by the idea. She continued to ask her mother for the next opportunity to plant more joy.

One day, her chance came. The local community center reached out to her parents to request if the little girl could go and assist them in filling a planter. She was excited by this and shared the idea with her siblings who were also eager to join her in the planting project.

They went to the local plant nursery - and carefully selected the flowers they wanted to plant. They paid particular attention to the color, composition, variety and durability as they were keen on getting plants that would amplify the environment’s ambience. When they were done with the selection, they laid out the flowers and each one of them chose the ones they wanted to plant.

They then went to the community center and together, they planted the flowers. Step by step, they carefully created the source of joy. The flowers they planted that day continued to spread joy throughout spring, summer and fall to those that set eyes on the beautiful garden.

Indeed, joy is contagious and giving back helps us to network with others. As much as it creates a positive impact in our communities, it also inspires us to be generous and show kindness to others. Through doing charity work, we enrich our lives and that of those around us.

At GPW, we embrace the culture of community give back and are inspired by the story of this family from the United States. If you have a Sunshine Family Volunteer story to share or your family wants to start a project, email