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GPWLA Project Provides COVID19 Relief Boxes in Midst of the Pandemic

November 30, 2020
GPWLA Project Provides COVID19 Relief Boxes in Midst of the Pandemic

Women have innate qualities that contribute to her leadership: courage, honesty, compassion and resilience, to name a few. We see these qualities shine during times of crisis.

Close to a year ago, COVID19 led to a worldwide lockdown. In the midst of the global health crisis, Aisha Yakubu - a young Woman Leader from Nigeria, demonstrated the best of women leadership. She quickly responded to the immediate need, converting her Global Peace Women Leadership Academy project into a COVID19 Response Box Distribution effort for frontline health workers and internally displaced persons in Nigeria. For her quick and creative action, we want to recognize her for demonstrating the core value of ownership.

Between April to July 2020, Aisha extended support to 23 primary health centers and the New Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Nigeria. Her COVID19 Response Boxes distributed much needed sanitary items and protective equipment at a time when such commodities were the highest demand.

Aisha realized that during the outbreak of the pandemic, frontline health workers in primary health centers had a high demand for sanitary items and protective equipment. Her Covid19 Responses Boxes included essential supplies such as multipurpose liquid soap, disinfectant bleach, reusable face masks and disposable gloves.

Naomi Jesse Maa’ji, officer in charge of the Giri PHC Gwgalda Area council said, “This donation will go a long way in helping to keep the clinic neat and free from viruses and bacteria that will be harmful to us the staff and also the patients.” Along with the boxes, Aisha sent appreciation to the frontliners for their selfless commitment to controlling Covid-19 and other diseases.

In Africa, there are reported 25 million internally displaced persons due to conflict and repression. Camps report below average sanitation, overcrowding and poor hygiene, making residents vulnerable to viruses like COVID19.  New Kuchingoro is home to 1,724 people. Aisha came up with a simple, yet important solution. In addition to distributing COVID19 Response Boxes, she conducted programs to teach proper sanitation and hygiene.

Of her GPWLA experience, Aisha reflects, “My experience with the Global Peace Women Leadership Academy program has really been enlightening, educating. I've learned a lot. I've discovered myself more. I've learned about project proposal writing, budgeting, and that I need to always be specific about my goals and objectives. I hope to share this knowledge that I've gained with other women."