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Interact Club of Sunshine Family Volunteer visits abandoned children’s home in Mbarara, Uganda: Ms Jalia Muntu’s SFV Story

Wairimu Mwangi
November 11, 2022
Interact Club of Sunshine Family Volunteer

Ms Jalia Muntu from Mbarara City in Uganda, noticed the high number of orphaned, neglected and abandoned children in her community. She and her friends tried to find out how those children managed to survive on the street. In the processes, the learnt about the Divine Mercy Home for abandoned children, located in her community.

On September 4, 2022, Jalia came together with members of Interact Club of Sunshine Family Volunteer Group in Uganda to visit Divine Mercy. The 10 member group consisted of Ms Jalia Muntu’s family, Ms Ritah Mutoni’s family and Ms Halilah’s family.

“A visit at this home evoked memories of how each of us has a role in restoring hope, peace and ensuring a bright future for our children,” said Jalia.

The group bonded with the children through singing, dancing, and playing games.  They donated soap, clothes, shoes, detergent, sweets, biscuits, juice, loaves of bread, and toilet tissues.    

“Every visit by an individual or a group of people leaves a mark to these abandoned children, it restores joy and love into these children,” said Namara Susan, administrator of the home.

The visit to Divine Mercy home rekindled the team’s passion for volunteerism and compassionate work.

“While we sit and enjoy with our loved ones at home, let us remember that out there are children who are needy, abandoned and hopeless. Let us strive to give those who are disadvantaged in life a new beginning and a meaningful future,” said one of the volunteers.

“These abandoned children did not plan for it, they had no control over it, and they deserve a meaningful future, becoming an Angel of hope by supporting that disadvantaged, abandoned child,” reflected another volunteer.  

The visit ended with the team taking group photos. Seeing the joy that the visit had brought to the children, Jalia and her husband agreed to continue doing charitable work in their community. At GPW, we are inspired by this unity of purpose and happy to see how volunteerism can play a big role in strengthening families. If you have such an inspiring Sunshine Family Volunteer story to share or your family wants to start such a project, email