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Strengthen Families

Pierce’s FVP Story of Random Act of Kindness

October 17, 2022
Pierce’s FVP Story of Random Act of Kindness

Nurturing kindness in the kids needs real-life experiences. Letting them go out of their comfort zone to teach empathy, it's one of the best way to translate goodness into action.

Pierce Dae Hyun S Mira is from the Philippines. He is 9 years old and has a big family who conduct regular community service and volunteerism as a family. The culture of family service has passed on to him. 

On March 9, 2022 Pierce distributed potato chips to his community members in Morong, Rizal as Random Act of Kindness. He distributed the chips to local shop vendors, police officers and children. He was accompanied by his mother, Ahna Marie, GPW Philippines Country Coordinator with whom Pierce and his sibling have served the community numerously. 

Pierce felt good doing service and reflected that he wants to be like his mom. He said, “I love doing with you. I don’t feel tired”. 

Through the pandemic, the Mira family kept open a neighborhood “Community Pantry”, where they distributed food, gifts and goodies to the families and communities affected by the Covid19 pandemic. Their Family Volunteer for Peace  has inspired neighborhoods and local government officials to join the effort to keep families nourished. 

“I love doing with you. I don’t feel tired”.  ~Pierce Mira

It looks like Pierce’s mother has passed on the values of kindness, empathy and service to him and his siblings. It is heartwarming to see young children as Pierce carry on the family culture of service and show kindness to others and the community.

We are inspired by families and their volunteerism stories like of Pierce’s. We invite your family to volunteer and share your story and experience. To start your project and submit your story, email us: Global Peace Women - Family Volunteers for Peace Team (Youshim Park):