Advancing Women's Leadership

“Respect can help us to appreciate our true value and the value of each person. Once we understand the value of other people, we naturally treat them with empathy and love. Respecting our family and community members in this way creates the harmonious culture of One Family under God.”

Dr. Junsook Moon, Chairwoman of GPW International

We empower women to become moral & innovative leaders and peace-builders to their local community through three major areas of work:

Recognizing these unique and valuable qualities that women’s leadership brings, Global Peace Women aims to amplify the impact of true women, service-minded women leaders can create for their communities and societies.

By providing platforms of networking, education and service, we increase our collaborative efforts to create greater positive impact around the world.

How GPW Amplifies Women’s Leadership

Global Conferences

The GPW Track features remarkable women leaders from diverse professional fields to share their vision and leadership capacity for building peace within and beyond the home.


GPW Leadership Academy

A leadership program that empowers women to become Moral and Innovative leaders and create positive impacts in their societies.


Local Leadership Forums

Our chapters conduct forums inviting a network of passionate and service-minded women leaders to address issues in their local communities.