Peace Begins in the Home: Family Stories Campaign

Stories build bridges of understanding between the barriers of nation, race, culture and religion. Our “Family Stories” campaign aims to create a movement of healthy and happy families by engaging families to take a step towards peacebuilding within the home and community through writing and sharing heartwarming family stories.

Family Stories

To Our Grandmother: Part Parent, Teacher, Best Friend and Angel

Life doesn't come with a manual for mothers, but it comes with a grandmother. Happy Mother's Day.

Loving Perfectly, A Family Story of Benny and Nona Ricafort

Nona and Benny Ricafort met 60 years ago in New York while both of them were studying. The courtship was less than 2 years and they got married in Manila.

Join the Family Stories Campaign!

GPW launches the “Family Stories Series” campaign in 2019 with the aim to invite families to become peacebuilders within their homes and communities.

Inspiring Family Stories


The story you share can be yours, it can be of someone you know. Over the years, we have collected so many stories that warm our hearts, and inspire, strengthen and teach us. Share your own inspiring story from your experience with your family!


Appreciating Parents


The theme of the 2020 campaign is “Appreciating Parents.” We invited you all to share your story of appreciation towards your father, mother, or parental figures for raising you to become the person you are today. See all the submissions for this global movement of building peaceful families!


My Family’s Favorite Memories


The more you appreciate the best moments with your family, the more peace can be created in the home. Family’s Favorite Memories is a stories campaign and online movement that GPW created in 2019 to promote families to share their enjoyable memories to the world.


2017-2018 Banner Campaign

In 2017, we launched a photo banner campaign to raise awareness with over 7,000 participating family members around the world. Our campaign encouraged families to have more open dialogue around peace-building within the home.