Family is the primary school of love and virtue. It is where we first learn to love and nurture peaceful relationships of mutual trust and respect. Because family experiences shape how we interact with all people, families provide the foundation for realizing the peacebuilding vision of “One Family under God.”

Global Peace Women believes that women have a critical influence over the family culture. In addition, every family member can contribute to creating a healthy family environment. Our education and service activities in the strengthening families pillar work to establish healthy and resilient families that form the cornerstone of peace in the home and in society.

Peace Begins in the Home (PBIH) Initiatives

The “Peace Begins in the Home” International Movement is a GPW initiative that promotes a culture of happy and healthy families to create a positive impact on the sense of peace, stability, and the well being of individuals, communities, societies, and our world. This initiative seeks to strengthen families and build peace at the heart of every society, through awareness campaigns and ongoing projects throughout our 18 chapters.

GPW Webinar Series

The series, “Women-led Peacebuilding from Home to Society,” will feature a diverse group of women bringing their expertise and experience to share.


Family Stories Campaigns

Our “Family Stories” campaign features heartwarming family stories that highlight gratitude and action steps toward creating a peaceful family environment. 


Sunshine Family Volunteers

Family Volunteers for Peace aims to create a culture of peace through volunteering as a family in service to others.


Training Program & Workshops

We are developing many programs to enrich and empower families around the world.