Sunshine Family
Volunteers (SFV)

Sunshine Family Volunteers (SFV), formerly Family Volunteers for Peace, is an initiative of Global Peace Women that seeks to build a culture of service and peace around the world.

We invite interested families to join a local club, become a coordinator or mentor, or simply volunteer together and share your story.

Introductory Brochure

Benefits of SFV

  • Learn and experience values with family
  • Create a culture of family service
  • Develop a community of service to bring about peace
  • Improve family relationships
  • Solve local problems
We invite interested families to join a local club, become a coordinator or mentor, or simply volunteer together and share your story.

Join the growing movement for global peace through family service.

Interested in becoming a coordinator, mentor, or incorporating Sunshine Family Volunteers in your club, school or community activities? Contact us or contact

Sunshine Family Volunteers Call for Grant Proposals

We are excited to present to you the Sunshine Family Volunteers Grant (SFV Grant). This grant will seek to support the sunshine family coordinators who are the facilitators for families interested in participating in this sunshine family volunteers project with GPW to become peacemakers in their communities and the world.

The SFV Grant seeks to fund qualifying projects led by innovative Sunshine family coordinators from around the world that can contribute to encouraging families to serve communities together and practice a culture of service, ultimately working towards bringing peace around the world.

Grant Outline

Submissions Open

Grant: June 21, 2023

Deadline for Submission:

Grant:  July 31, 2023


  • Sunshine Family Coordinator who completed Sunshine Family Coordinator(SFC) trainings on 27th and 28th May
  • Completed mandatory homework from both the training sessions
  • Must have submitted 2022 SFV Grant Reports (only applicable for 2022 coordinators)
Grant Duration: 3 months (August to November)
Final Reporting by December 31, 2023
Grant Size: Requested funds from SFV Grants in project proposals should be no more than 200 USD (for coordinators) and 400 USD (for Team Leaders)
Eligible people to apply & to receive funding: Sunshine Family Coordinator(SFC) only
Funding Stream: Promoting SFV
Documents to be submitted: Project Proposal and Budget Proposal. Please rename your proposals in this format before sending it.
Example: SFV Project Proposal_Shanti Tamang_2023  
                 SFV Budget Proposal_Younshim Park_2023
If you need more information about the SFV Grant, please contact us at

Sunshine Family Volunteer Past Projects

Sunshine Family Volunteer Team Leader

H.E. Dr. Hajiya Amina  Namadi Sambo

Founder, I-CARE Women & Youth Initiative, Nigeria

Dr. Nona Ricafort

Former Deputy Minister of Higher Education &  Commissioner, UNESCO, Philippines

Dr. Donna Schuller

Pastor and Co-Founder, Robert Schuller Ministries, United States

Dr. Eva Latham

President, Human Rights Teaching International, Netherlands

Rachel Murray

Co-Pastor, the Lighthouse Church, United States

Aruna Chandaria

Trustee, Chandaria Foundations, Kenya

Hon. Lilian Samaniego

Senator, Republic of Paraguay

Milliam Wiliiam Chilemba

(Team Leader for Malawi and Cameroon)

Contact: Young Women Rise, P.O.Box 45, Chimwalira.

Phone number: +265889452745 / +265999568812

Email Address:

Milliam, the Executive Director and founder of Young Women's Rise (YOWORI), served as the former Global Youth representative in the Country Mechanism (GFCCM). She is a dedicated advocate for girls' education, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that girls not only enter school but also remain enrolled. Milliam's commitment to her cause deepened after overcoming significant challenges in her own life. She is a survivor of early and forced marriage, having endured gender-based violence from her then-forced husband. In her quest to advance girl child education, Milliam initiated a school support scheme in her hometown of Chiradzulu. Through this initiative, she successfully enlisted 20 underprivileged students from a local community day secondary school, further contributing to her mission of empowering young girls through education.

Milliam holds Bachelors Degree in Education (French) obtained from Mzuzu University in Malawi. And she is now doing Masters of Business Administration with Amity University. She has obtained the following certificates online

Shristika Bajracharya

(Team Leader for Nepal and India)

Phone number: +977 986-0484474

Email Address:

Shristika is a law school graduate and is  working as a social engineer and SFV coordinator.She is thrilled to represent Nepal globally as a coordinator and team leader. She’s a law degree graduate and working as a social engineer. She has received awards  for being the best SFV coordinator in 2022 and recognition as a top global peacebuilder  2021. She is the project originator for legal education and leadership development.

Her chief objectives are to strengthen those in need, deal with societal problems, Encouraging family volunteering and engaging youths to promote peace through awareness, action, and counselling. In order to uplift and empower them, children and women, senior citizens have been her primary target populations up to this point. With her team members she has been able to reached out to more than six hundred school-going children , empowered more than fifty womens to get engaged in the volunteering programs. According to her, she wants to demonstrate her leadership and ownership towards her community and individuals.

Jalia Muntu

(Team Leader for Uganda)

Phone number: +256 702 178200

Email Address:

Jalia is a project leader Global Peace Women International-Uganda and a Coordinator, team leader in the Sunshine Family Volunteers an initiative of GPW. She holds a bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Arts and a post Graduate Diploma in Education from Makerere University. She is the director of the project “Enhancing HIV/AIDS Information and Education uptake among the selected Youth Between the Ages of 14-18 in 2 selected secondary schools in Nyamitanga Division-Mbarara City-Uganda.

Jalia believes in the strength of a woman and how important they are in promoting peace in the homes, society and worldwide. She also takes volunteering as something very vital and that’s why she is doing so with SFV. She has engaged more than 50 girls and 20 boys in my projects with GPW where Economic skills, social skills, among others, have been trained and hope to engage more in upcoming projects.

Muniratu Jibrin

(Team Leader for Nigeria)

Phone number: +2348088729333

Email Address:

Muniratu is a visionary leader and a humanitarian who is based in Nigeria. She is a graduate of Global Peace Women Leadership Academy GPWLA and a 3-time Grant Awardee with Global Peace Women where she implemented projects to promote Family Values, foster Peace and Economic Independence among vulnerable women in North Eastern Nigeria. Muniratu is a graduate of Gender Based Violence in Emergency Course Cohort-7 organized by UNFPA in collaboration with American University of Nigeria and the government of Switzerland. She was born in Zaria and had her secondary and primary school also in Zaria, she had her degree in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria-kaduna state Nigeria.  She is known for her passion for helping the less privileged.

She started an NGO called Mujib Hope Foundation. “MUJIB” in Arabic means “helping hands” and has over 5 years of experience working in the humanitarian and developmental sector on several projects. Her skills are top-notch for the 21st century and she is ready to network and open to opportunities.

Tahmina Akter Supti

(Team Leader for Bangladesh and Indonesia)

Phone number: +880 1775-000749

Email Address:

Tahmina is a  SFV Team Leader for Asia. She is Founder of the project Light For Life and has been included in the Top 100 Young Talents in Asia list in 2022. She was awarded as the best SFV Coordinator, 2022 and FVP silver award in 2021.She is an undergraduate student of law Department. She has developed and implemented her pilot project titled "Light For Life": initiative on improving education with skill development and awareness  for  unprivileged kids and youths in Gazipur city, Bangladesh. She is also working on Family Volunteering initiative for the first time in Bangladesh and create a SFV club. She is also working for climate change.

She wants to make a sustainable positive change in her society through quality education and awareness. She has also been engaging in many  service  projects since the age of 17 and she has reached more than three thousand beneficiaries through various programs. She is Net Mission Ambassador 2022  and also an FB climate advocate ambassador from Bangladesh. She believes in a peaceful world as one family under God.

Aisha Yakubu

(Team Leader for Nigeria)

Phone number: +234 803 202 4120

Email Address:

Aisha is enthusiastic about Community Development and positive Social Impact.  She has over a decade experience working  in the areas of Education, Child protection, Peace building, Women and youth empowerment.

Aisha is a 2020 Alumni of GPWLA, this was her first contact with GPW and the beginning of many progressive engagements.

he has served as a volunteer, an Intern and now the Project Leader for Nigeria and also the SFV Leander for Nigeria. Aisha Has embarked on quite a number of service projects as a GWD grantee, Such as:

  • Covid 19 Box distribution 2020
  • WASH4Family 2021
  • Teacher training workshop 2022
  • Girls mentorship program 2022
  • Girls tech Bootcamp 2023

Everline Obondo

(Team Leader for Kenya)

Phone number: +254713309145

Email Address:

Everline is the Founding Director of the Generation Concern Foundation ,a grassroot community service organization based in Kenya. She works to uplift and empower Women and a Girls in rural areas of the country. In 2007,during the post election violence, she was internally displaced from her home. She was prompted to champion for peaceful coexistence, a path she has walked since. She has worked and volunteered in various capacities as a Peace, Cohesion and integration advocate . She was voted the best Global Peace Foundation Kenya Ambassador, representing her County of Homabay, 2021 Cohort. She is also a member of Creators of Peace Network. As an environmental conservation enthusiast, she also volunteers as a Tree Planting Ambassador.

She holds a Diploma in Community Development from Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development. She also holds a certificate on qualities and strategies of a peacemaker after training with the Initiatives of Change UK

Kiho Sano

(Team Leader for Japan)

Phone number: +81 80-8711-6485

Email Address:

Kiho Sano is a project coordinator of GPW Japan. She received the GPWLA training in 2019. Currently, she is also working as the project director and actively contributing as the Sunshine Family Volunteers Coordinator. Japanese Sunshine Family Volunteer members are 18 families who are conducting volunteering activities around Japan. One of her initiatives is a flea market to support refugees. In cooperation with a Japanese international NGO, she collected goods from all over Japan and held a flea market involving many families and volunteers. All proceeds from this project were donated to refugee assistance. This project helped people as families to know more about people with difficulties. It also became an educational opportunity for parents to teach volunteering to their children.She was interested in early childhood education and family education and majored in education at the University of Washington. Now she serves on the board of a non-profit organization that advocates for poor families and troubled women in Japan and disseminates content that supports service opportunities and solutions to family problems that families can do together.