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Showing Compassion Through Volunteering: Milkah’s Family Story

Wairimu Mwangi
July 15, 2023

Being compassionate is a virtue that we should all embrace. It allows us to help and treat the less fortunate members of our communities with kindness. Through being empathetic towards others, we build communities of peace where everyone gets to feel like 'One Family under God'.

For Milkah, a wife and a mother of three children visiting an orphanage to volunteer earlier this year allowed her family to not only show compassion but also learn a lesson on contentment. It was an opportunity to make the vulnerable children smile as they celebrated their children’s birthdays.

“Our volunteer activities included donating food, clothes and celebrating a birthday,” she shared.

Besides those activities, Milkah, a Sunshine Family Volunteers (SFV) coordinator also had an opportunity to talk about mental health, girl issues related to sexuality, and self-esteem to high school students from her community on that day. The day's events culminated with a tree planting session, and the participants included James, her husband, and their children Shawn, Brandon, and Jeslyn.

“I feel fulfilled to witness the happiness on the faces of these children and for the opportunity to do good with my family,” said James.

Despite feeling sad that some children live in orphanages like the one they had just visited, Jeslyn and her brothers were happy to have shared a meal with them and the opportunity to make the environment cool by planting trees. Milkah expressed her hope to continue engaging in such volunteer activities at least quarterly per year. Together with her family, they plan to support the children from the orphanage with basic needs and school fees.

“We also aim to be there for them as mentors, addressing mental awareness as an added advantage,” she added.

Through their volunteer project, Milkah’s family contributes to a culture of peace in her community. By giving love and hope to children, they uplift them towards believing that a better future is possible. Furthermore, their effort in planting trees and encouraging their community members to do the same is a significant step towards promoting environmental responsibility and harmony. How are you volunteering today? Please share your story with us today: