Strengthen Families
Strengthen Families

Caroline’s Story: Expanding Family Volunteerism in Kenyan Community

February 28, 2022
Caroline’s Story: Expanding Family Volunteerism in Kenyan Community
“They promised to share whatever little in their possession with those in need. A number of mother-to-mother support groups were formed in the two targeted villages” - - Caroline, Kenya.

Caroline Aluoch Odera is the country leader of GPW Kenya. She conducted her project to strengthen the capacity of families for Family Volunteers for Peace (FVP) campaign. Caroline reached 35 women leaders, 100 youths and 71 children from Soweto informal settlement to engage in family volunteerism and service.  

Over two months from April to May, Caroline and her team did lots of different activities under the program. They taught families about Family Volunteers for Peace, partnering with organisations such as the YWCA and St. Thaddeus Child Care Society to support the youth leadership training and vulnerable teenage girls and young mothers. Additionally, the team organised Household Dialogue Events, Family Volunteer Children Writing Competition, a community clean up at Soweto and Umama village and visited Kids Dream Children’s Home in Masimba Soweto.

Caroline's project improved resilience from family volunteering activities and brought positive change in the lives and livelihoods in the community as families engage in helping one another. However, the Covid19 posed a challenge to Caroline as she struggled to balance between achieving the objectives of the project and ensuring adherence to the health protocols. Besides this, she was not able to reach more partners as they were facing challenges of their own due to slowed economic activity and had re-directed their focus to supporting emergency situations only. However, with drive, intention and initiation, Caroline overcame those difficulties as she received authorization from the National Government Administration Officers to conduct her project and achieved successful completion of the project.

Her project developed knowledge, understanding and appreciation for family volunteerism and GPW Family Volunteers for Peace. She encouraged families by being a role model and promoting family volunteerism. This eventually increased the number of local families volunteering their time and resources to support those in need and drive community courses. Students reported that they learned and appreciated family volunteerism more after the program.

One of the most inspiring results from her project is the formation of the mother-to-mother support groups in villages and family volunteer clubs in schools who would further the values and principles of the family volunteers campaign through regular dialogues on volunteering in community spaces.

Students reported that they had learnt what volunteering means and were really appreciative of the experience and knowledge gained through the GPW activities. They thanked the GPW family for allowing them to participate in the campaign. One of the volunteer from Caroline’s project reflected that her daughters “have been driving” the Peace Begins in the Home and anti Gender Based Violence in Western, Eastern and Nairobi Regions of Kenya.

Global Peace Women and Service for Peace Korea is proud to support women leaders like Caroline with a vision to bring positive change in their societies and communities. If you have a dream and would like to initiate your own projects through the Global Women Dream (GWD) grant, then please check our Facebook page: for announcements. Global Peace Women International announces open call for the GWD grant twice a year (March & September).