Strengthen Families

Celebrating Eid Mubarak with Children and Orphans in Abuja, Nigeria

Wairimu Mwangi
July 12, 2023

Generosity is a virtue that allows us to be liberal in giving and sharing with the less fortunate members of our communities. Not only has generosity helped us spread good cheer out of abundance, but it also enables us to support others with what is good for them to enhance their well-being. In June 2023, Aisha Bukar Ali, GPW Country representative, and women from her community at NAF Valley Estate in Abuja, Nigeria, organized an Eid Mubarak children and orphans event where they provided them with lunch and token donations. In addition, the team shared peace messages with the participants, encouraging them to be peacebuilders. At GPW, we are proud of Aisha and her team, who herald messages of peace and encourage the less fortunate in society, to know that we are all ‘One Family under God’ through such women-led initiatives.