Advance Women's Leadership

Eneless’s Journey of Empowering Girls in her Community through Action - Malawi

Wairimu Mwangi
April 25, 2024

It is often said that great acts are made up of small deeds and that goodness is the only investment that never fails. Eneless Pemba, joined Global PeaceWomen (GPW) in 2021, drawn by the spirit of service and unity amongst the women which inspired her to contribute to their noble cause of fostering peace and empowerment under the universal bond of kinship. This motivated her desire to elevate women in Malawi and collaborate with like-minded individuals worldwide. Eneless sought to deepen her understanding of leadership and peace-building.

Since joining, she has spearheaded three impactful projects, each addressing critical issues faced by her community. From 'Let the Girls Smile,' a campaign focused on menstrual hygiene management, reaching 200 young girls and teaching them to create reusable sanitary pads by hand, to 'Tingathe Women for Greatness,' empowering women with art skills, and 'You Are Not Alone,' providing support to children with disabilities through art education and essential supplies in the face of financial crisis and hunger plaguing Malawi.

When she launched the "Let the Girls Shine" project, she had no idea that this endeavor would not only impact the lives of the community's girls but also foster her personal and professional growth in ways she never imagined. Inspired by GPW core values of service, family strengthening, and uplifting women's value and dignity, Eneless spearheaded the five month project between October 2022 and February 2023. She sought to create tangible change in her community, recognizing that true empowerment begins with the recognition of every individual's inherent worth and potential.

The project's core objectives were twofold: to provide girls with essential knowledge and skills in menstrual hygiene management and to promote environmental stewardship through clean-up campaigns. The project aimed to empower girls with dignity, knowledge, and practical skills while fostering a sense of responsibility towards their community and environment.

Through hands-on workshops led by Eneless and her team, over 98 girls were trained in making reusable sanitary pads, ensuring that they could manage their menstrual hygiene effectively and affordably. Additionally, nearly all the girls received training in menstrual hygiene management, equipping them with crucial knowledge for their well-being.

Beyond personal hygiene, the project encouraged girls to take an active role in environmental stewardship, community engagement and fostered a sense of collective responsibility in preserving their environment among the participants. Eneless led clean-up campaigns, engaging girls in the collection and disposal of trash, instilling in them a sense of ownership and pride in keeping their surroundings clean.

The impact of the project extended beyond tangible outcomes. It served as a catalyst for Eneless's personal and professional growth. Through her leadership role, she honed her organizational and management skills, learning to navigate challenges and mobilize resources effectively. The project also provided her with a platform to inspire inclusion and empowerment among women in her community, fostering a sense of solidarity and shared purpose.

Eneless's multifaceted approach to leadership incorporates skills ranging from project management to networking, all harnessed to uplift and empower those in need. Through her endeavors, she seeks not only to address immediate challenges but also to lay the groundwork for sustained progress, echoing the adage that empowering women is tantamount to empowering nations.