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Featured Women Dreamer: Afi Obot, Cultivating Change in Adamawa's Wheat Fields, Nigeria

Wairimu Mwangi
March 11, 2024

In the tranquil countryside of Adamawa State, amidst the gentle sway of wheat fields in Yola-South Local Government Area, Nigeria, a compelling narrative of transformation unfolds. At its heart lies Afi Obot, a beacon of hope for 30 women farmers seeking a path to prosperity in their rural community. Spearheading the ‘Flourishing Together project’, Afi embarked on a mission to empower these women, who are the backbone of their households.

Afi's vision extends beyond mere farming; it encompasses women's empowerment, growth, and resilience through mentorship in wheat farming, financial management, and family values. However, Afi's journey towards leadership and empowerment didn't begin with this project. She joined Global Peace Women (GPW) in 2022 as a participant in the Global Peace Women Leadership Academy (GPWLA) which cultivated this desire.

GPW works towards empowering service minded women to become Moral and Innovative leaders and create positive impacts in their societies. As a participant in GPWLA, Afi gleaned invaluable insights into leadership, service, and community development. Armed with a robust toolkit acquired through the program, Afi seamlessly integrated its teachings into her initiative.

This equipped her with the skills and resources needed to surmount challenges and catalyze meaningful change in her rural community. Thus, she devised a comprehensive strategy for the Flourishing Together project, focusing on empowering women farmers through mentorship across various agricultural aspects, financial management, and family values.

Over five months, from April to August 2023, Afi led the women farmers on a transformative journey. Through practical demonstrations and hands-on training, she bestowed upon them the skills and confidence required to excel in their agricultural endeavors.

As the project unfolded, its impact became increasingly palpable. The women embraced sustainable farming practices, elevating their productivity while nurturing the environment. Their incomes surged by 50%, paralleled by an enhancement in their social standing within the community.

Under Afi Obot's mentorship, the women farmers embraced an array of sustainable farming techniques, significantly bolstering their productivity and environmental stewardship. These practices encompassed crop rotation, organic fertilization, and water conservation methods. By adopting these strategies, the farmers not only amplified their yields but also contributed to the long-term sustainability of their agricultural pursuits, safeguarding the land for posterity.

Yet, the Flourishing Together project transcended mere economic empowerment. Recognizing the paramountcy of fostering robust family dynamics and imbuing values of dignity and respect, Afi conducted workshops on family planning, communication, and conflict resolution. Consequently, there was a remarkable 70% improvement in family dynamics among participants.

As the project drew to a close, the fields bore witness to the fruition of Afi's endeavors. The once marginalized and overlooked women now emerged as leaders in their community. Their triumphs reverberated through the countryside, inspiring others to tread the path they had paved.

For Afi Obot, the journey continues unabated. As she reflects on the impact of the Flourishing Together project, she envisions not merely fields of wheat but fields of opportunity and promise. With each dawn, she persists in nurturing growth and empowerment in Adamawa's wheat fields, ensuring that the seeds of change she has sown endure for generations.