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Featured Women Dreamer: Aisha Yakubu's Journey with the Girls Tech Bootcamp in Nigeria

Wairimu Mwangi
April 1, 2024

“If you think of all the women who fought to give you the opportunities you have, you cannot help but do something for the next generation,” said Aisha Yakubu, Global Peace Women project leader in Nigeria during a forum on women and the African Renaissance leading up to the 2023 Global Peace Convention.

Aisha has been investing in young women students where she lives in Kaduna, Nigeria. In 2023, she launched a “Girls Tech Bootcamp” between May and November 2023. Over the course of the seven months, Aisha's project gave 40 girls between the ages of 15 to 25 a place to gain tech skills and invest in their personal growth.  Through a rigorous selection process, Aisha ensured that the chosen participants were committed to attending the bootcamp, had access to laptops.

A collective of stakeholders, committed to providing mentorship and hands-on training, provided the students with coding and technology training and a space to build their confidence as women, and cultivate a leadership style that serves to build peace in their homes and communities.

The bootcamp kicked off in May with a four-week intensive training program covering graphic design and video editing courses, UI/UX design and HTML fundamentals, moving into other coding languages. Under the guidance of experienced instructors from IT Central Ltd, the participants acquired new skills and perspectives. The Bootcamp culminated in a showcase where participants could show their projects and connect with potential mentors. The Girls Tech Bootcamp officially concluded with an awards ceremony, showcase and certificate presentation. Partners from Narrative4 added color to the event with a story exchange activity. So far the bootcamp has provided 10 outstanding beneficiaries with internship placements in reputable tech innovation hubs in the country.

The Girls Tech Bootcamp was a life-changing experience, paving ways for the young women to enter the tech industry. Most importantly, it empowered the women with character and leadership needed to navigate and innovate in a world increasingly reliant on technology, to use the new tools for good in ways that positively contribute to the growth of new industries and their nations.

At the core of the program is Aisha’s commitment to carry on the legacy of women who have come before her, to unlock the potential of every girl, empowering them to become leaders and changemakers and peacebuilders in their homes, communities and nations.

Since joining GPW in 2020 as a Global Peace Women Leadership Academy (GPWLA) participant, Aisha has served in different capacities including being the Nigeria team leader for the GPW Sunshine Family Volunteers Initiative, an intern leading up to her current role of GPW project leader.

“Having access to the Leadership Academy and executing and assisting in different impactful projects has helped me progress in my career as a Social Impact leader. GPW has provided me with a network of a global family to learn from and share with,” she shared.

Reflecting on her journey, Aisha expressed joy in witnessing the transformation of the participants from tech novices to skilled designers and developers. She is carrying on the work of those who come before her, for those who come after her.