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Featured Women Dreamer: Ngunan Tar, Opening Ways for Widows to Serve

Wairimu Mwangi
March 27, 2024

It is hard to become a widow: losing a loved one, grieving, healing, and transitioning to a new life and reality.  Ngunan Tar, endeavored to walk with twenty widows from the Mbaakuma community, in Katsina-Ala, Benue State, Nigeria, opening a way for them to find their place in their community through service.

Between May 25th and September 25th, 2023, she ran a program with the widows, "Enhancing Women and Family Values for Peace Leadership and Financial Autonomy."

Global Peace Women seeks to empower women in their peacemaking agency by investing in the whole person. Global Peace Women couples character, value and leadership skills with practical livelihood, entrepreneurial and organization skills.

With her cohort of widows, Ngunan walked the women through their challenges and transitions, seeking to strengthen their sense of self, the foundations of peace and leadership in their homes and communities, and the importance of family values and community cohesion while strengthening their capacity for economic independence. Through meticulous planning and hands-on training, Ngunan ensured that the widows were equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive.

Through regular community dialogues and awareness campaigns, the project also sought to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices, reflecting GPW's commitment to environmental stewardship. The widows were also trained in skin jelly oil and liquid soap making, opening ways for economic participation.

Through monthly monitoring and review sessions, Ngunan witnessed the widows' growing confidence, self-reliance, dignity, and ownership for their family and community. As they shared stories of financial independence and resilience, and their desire to make positive impact, the widows emerged as role models and agents of change within their families and the wider community.

The project's impact was immediate and far-reaching. The women were not only inspired to become peacebuilders in their homes and community but also empowered to embrace their innate qualities as moral and innovative leaders who aspire to live for the greater good while creating positive social impact.  

Ngunan Tar, who joined the Global Peace Women Leadership Academy (GPWLA) in 2021, the visionary behind the project drew inspiration and guidance from her participation in the academy where she imbibed the core values of service mindedness, strengthening families, and collaboration. Reflecting on the journey, Ngunan expressed gratitude for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of vulnerable women. Her project not only created a family-based approach to engage women in her community in peacebuilding efforts but also equipped them with the knowledge to drive prosperity for their families and community.