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Global Peace Foundation Kenya Holds the 2023 Transforming Education Summit & Awards

Wairimu Mwangi
July 12, 2023

For the last couple of decades, the quest for quality, inclusive, and accessible education for all has been a priority for many nations globally. Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya has been at the forefront of championing the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 4 through its innovative approaches towards education. Kenya has recently introduced the Competency-Based Curriculum for primary schools. However, much still needs to be done to address the global crises in education, which calls for concerted efforts from partners across multiple sectors to transform education.

From left: Dr. Kelly Oluoch CEO Kenya Medical Training Collage, Dr. Tony Devine, GPF vice-president of education and Executive Director, Dr. William Sugut Director, Education Reforms and Junior secondary Education programmes and GPF-Kenya CEO, Mr. Daniel Juma  during the second edition of Transforming Education Summit and Awards 2023 at The Panari Hotel in Nairobi.

On July 7, 2023, GPF Kenya held its second edition of Transforming Education Summits & Awards at Panari Hotel themed, “Role of Stakeholders in Transforming Education for the Future.” The summit brought together players in the Kenyan education sector, among them the Ministry of Education.

The participants sought to explore ways and provide support and guidance for educators to transform education by integrating ethics and workplace skills into all levels of education to raise learners' and educators' character, creativity, and leadership skills.

Distinguished panelists discussed how different stakeholders can champion accessible education, preparing youth with transferable competencies, character, and skills for existing and future employment prospects, inclusivity and equity in education, incorporating S.T.E.M. and I.C.T. integration in learning, the influence of non-governmental organizations in the provision of quality education and policy formulation, and curriculum development.

“We came up with this program, the Transforming Education Summit, to provide a platform to share best practices on how we can improve our education,” said Mr. Daniel Juma, CEO of GPF Kenya, while welcoming the participants.

In his keynote address, Dr. Tony Devine, Vice President of Education at GPF, shared a collaborative ecosystem approach that endeavors to bring together education stakeholders from the public, private, and social sectors for collective impact. He provided 12 points that the stakeholders can embrace to transform education:

Dr. Tony Devine, GPF vice-president of education

1. Character cultivation as the antidote to corruption

2. New types of leadership at all levels: moral and innovative leadership

3. Ramping up altruism

4. Holistic development of students

5. Education for a life

6. Making a contribution to education

7. Creating great relationships

8. Developing transferable skills value-based

9. Unlocking human potential

10. Growth mindset

11. Entrepreneurs with character

12. Application of knowledge

Mr. Gichuki Francis, the learning and development facilitator at Tabasamu Africa Hub, called on all educators to change how adults view young people, especially learners.

“Young people are a resource to be developed, not a problem to be fixed,” he said while calling on the stakeholders to meaningfully engage the young people to give them a sense of belonging, making them responsible and accountable global citizens. He encouraged participants to champion life-long learning through what he termed as the 6Cs of positive youth development:

1. Confidence:

2. Competencies

3. Care

4. Character

5. Contribution

6. Commitment

At Global Peace Women, we believe that family is the primary school of love and virtue. It is where we first learn to love and nurture peaceful relationships of mutual trust and respect. Because family experiences shape how we interact with all people, families provide the foundation for realizing our peacebuilding vision of “One Family under God.”

Families around the world have a significant role in transforming education. Schools should engage parents through communication and involve them in the learning process. Through our programming at GPW, we empower families to embrace service and collaboration by participating in education activities involving both children and parents to realize positive transformation in communities globally. We encourage parental or caregiver involvement in their children’s education through:

· Reading with their children

· Assisting with assignments and homework

· Taking a keen interest in school events

Our education and service activities in the strengthening families pillar work to establish healthy and resilient families that form the cornerstone of peace in the home and society. View more of our work:

Speakers during one of the panel sessions
GPW representatives during the Summit