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GPW Launches The 2023 Enrichment Program Series Themed “Developing our Collective Capacity for Peacebuilding”

Wairimu Mwangi
July 17, 2023

Global Peace Women has launched its 2023 GPW Enrichment Program Series with a call for expressions of interest to participate. This year’s program’s theme is “Developing our Collective Capacity for Peacebuilding.” The 5-month webinar series will take place from 29th July and end in November.

The program provides a vibrant platform for GPW women leaders worldwide to share skills, insights, and build connections, magnifying the profound impact of our collective peacebuilding endeavors. The sessions will delve into vital topics, including mental well-being, regional peacebuilding, and health, firmly rooted in our values-based approach.  With invigorating breakout room activities, the participants shall be expected to forge powerful connections with like-minded trailblazers from different countries globally. The program aims to cultivate an unbreakable network that transcends all boundaries for the GPW leaders and leadership academy graduates advancing GPW’s mission through various programs and projects.

This enrichment program is designed to share our wealth of expertise, knowledge, and experience to enhance our family, local, and national peacebuilding endeavors. GPW is advancing values-based models that empower women as peacebuilders in their homes, communities, and world. Our work is based on a theory of change that a service-minded woman, embracing her God-given qualities, and growing as a moral and innovative leader, can make an incredible impact on all levels.

With distinguished women leaders as speakers during the sessions, the webinars will take place under the following topics:

1. Peacebuilding Starting in the Home: Family as the Cornerstone of Peace and Development

2. Women and Families in Health: The GPW Approach to Improving Family and Community Health

3. Mental Health and Resilience: The GPW Approach to Personal, Family and Community Well-Being

4. Women in Regional Peacebuilding: Collaboration for Sustainable Change

5. Global Peace Convention 2023: Women’s Track

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