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Introducing the GPW Sunshine Family Volunteers Coordinators

Wairimu Mwangi
July 23, 2023

Sunshine Family Volunteers (SFV), formerly Family Volunteers for Peace, is an initiative of Global Peace Women that seeks to build a culture of service and peace worldwide. Currently, there are 36 coordinators from twelve countries globally: Bangladesh, Cameroon, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Philippines, Uganda and USA.

To ensure more efficient local and regional engagement, the SFV program has introduced a Team Leader structure this year, with seven SFV coordinators selected as team leaders. The seven team leaders are:

1. Milliam Wiliiam Chilemba - Team Leader for Malawi and Cameroon

2. Shristika Bajracharya - Team Leader for Nepal and India

3. Jalia Muntu - Team Leader for Uganda

4. Muniratu Jibrin - Team Leader for Nigeria

5. Tahmina Akter Supti - Team Leader for Bangladesh and Indonesia

6. Aisha Yakubu - Team Leader for Nigeria

7. Everline Obondo - Team Leader for Kenya

Aside from coordinating SFV activities, the team leaders will also mentor SFV coordinators and SFV club members.

“We started this system to encourage leadership within SFV, also while creating a strong base for SFV locally in all existing countries,” said Shanti, the SFV Program Coordinator at GPW.

Read more about the team leaders:

All SFV coordinators can apply for the SFV grant to start and implement their community development projects. In 2023 the SFV has 23 new coordinators, an increase from 13 coordinators in 2022.

SFV Grant information is available here: