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“Korean Dream Challenge 2023” Award Ceremony

Wairimu Mwangi
February 23, 2024

On January 26th 2024, Global Peace Women (GPW) held a virtual Award ceremony to celebrate participants of the ‘2023 Korean Dream Challenge 2023’, a competition that took place between September 2023 and January 2024 with an aim of discovering new influencers who are creating engaging and inspiring content that promotes the Korean Dream and the ultimate hope of peace. The competition brought together 17 participants from seven countries including: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea Nepal, and Philippines.

“The ‘Korean Dream Challenge 2023,’ is a part of the 10 Million Korean Dreamers campaign spearheaded by Action for Korea United, to gather the support of 10 million people worldwide in 2025 commemorating the 80th anniversary of Korea’s Independence at the close of World War II,” shared Mrs Younshim Park, the Director of Resources Development at GPW. 

The competition was held under two topics namely:

1. Support the Korean Dream!

Create a short video that introduces the "Korean Dream": a vision of a free and unified Korea that contributes to regional and global peace.

2. Let's foster a spirit of friendship between Korea and your country!

Craft a short video that highlights the merits and cherished aspects of Korea. Conclude with a heartfelt message of support for the Korean Dream.

This presented the participants with an opportunity to create content that values the unique aspects of the Korean Dream such as “Hongik Ingan, to broadly benefit all humanity,” and Korean extended family culture which encompasses sincerity, service to others, attendance and respect).

The challenge also helped the participants to resonate with the vision and values of the Korean Dream, and in believe that change is long-term and sustainable, and that the positive impact of this dream’s actualization broadly extends beyond them. Participants created videos introducing the "Korean Dream" - a vision of a free and unified Korea that contributes to regional and global peace.

Midori Yamada from Japan and Prince Loyd Besorio from the Philippines received the second prize while, there were 15 other participation award winners.

GPW supports the reunification of the Korean Peninsula to realize the vision of the Korean Dream. We believe that local actions foster a global perspective and sharing, inspiring a world of peace. We believe that small changes in the local area, such as this starting with each participant, create big changes. Read more about the Korean Dream.