Strengthen Families

Project Saksham Promotes Values-Based Education and Parenting Empowerment in Kathmandu, Nepal

Wairimu Mwangi
February 27, 2024

In January 2024, in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal, under the visionary leadership of Bambie Panta, Global Peace Women (GPW) Nepal and Global Peace Foundation (GPF) spearheaded Project Saksham, a transformative initiative aimed at nurturing values, empowering families, and fostering a culture of service. Project Saksham is a leadership and life skills training program for women and youth based on the Global Peace Values Framework launched in March of 2022 by GPW Nepal in partnership with GPF Nepal. The program unfolded across multiple sessions held at Dhading Bal Batika International School and New Star Pole English Secondary School between January 26 and 31.

Rooted in the shared principles of the GPF and GPW, Project Saksham embodied the ethos of "One Family under God." It championed respect for diversity, intrinsic values, and fundamental rights, emphasizing the importance of character development in students' lives. Through engaging sessions, women and students were instilled with values that would serve as guiding beacons throughout their life journey.

Integral to the program were three essential elements: Interfaith Leadership, Strengthening Families, and Building a Culture of Service. Interfaith Leadership promoted unity and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds, while Strengthening Families emphasized the pivotal role of good character in enhancing familial bonds. Meanwhile, Building a Culture of Service inspired participants to become agents of positive change, transcending self-interest for the betterment of society.

With 113 students, 18 volunteers, 3 staff members, 21 women, and 108 parents actively involved, Project Saksham yielded profound outcomes. Students exhibited growth in character, volunteers embraced a culture of service, and parents recognized the importance of mental health in fostering peaceful family dynamics. Testimonies echoed the program's transformative impact, with participants expressing newfound insights and commitments to positive change.

“Today, I learned about how we as parents can maintain our mental well-being as well as taking care of our physical health. I learned about the importance of self-care and how it is directly connected to our children’s behavior and mental health,” reflected a parent who was a participant.

The strategic evaluation underscored the pivotal role of values-based education in promoting sustainable practices and attitudes. It advocated for integrating such initiatives into educational curricula and community development programs to nurture a responsible and compassionate society.

Looking ahead, Project Saksham outlined a follow-through plan to sustain its momentum. Project Saksham’s legacy of empowerment and enlightenment illuminated pathways towards a brighter, more harmonious future for Nepal and beyond. Through parenting education initiatives, the project hopes to continue to educate parents on their vital role in holistic child development. Moreover, Project Saksham pledged to empower more women in the community and further its mission of values-based education, equipping young leaders with the moral compass to navigate an ever-changing world. Read more about Project Saksham.