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The Korea Times: Campaign to Secure 10 Million Supporters by the Year 2025 for Korean Reunification Launched at Seoul's National Assembly

Global Peace Women
August 17, 2023

On August 15, 2023, Koreans gathered at Seoul’s National Assembly hall to commemorate the 78th Anniversary of the Liberation of Korea and launching of the “Korean Dream 10 Million” campaign. The campaign aims to secure 10 million supporters by the year 2025 for Korean reunification. GPW is a member of Action for Korea United working to advance a coordinated effort for a free and unified Korea. Ko Dong-hwan for The Korea Times shared:

A new campaign for Korean unification kicked off, Tuesday, aiming to secure 10 million supporters by 2025.

Representatives of local associations that jointly hosted the Rally for the Commitment and Action for Korean Unification on the 78th Anniversary of the National Liberation Day pose at the National Assembly in Seoul, Tuesday. Courtesy of Korean Dream 10 Million campaign organizing committee

The Rally for the Commitment and Action for Korean Unification on the 78th Anniversary of the Liberation of Korea was jointly hosted by nine local associations, including Action for Korea United, Korean National Police Veterans Association and the Leaders’ Alliance for Korea Unification. Rep. Lee Myoung-su of the ruling People Power Party and Rep. Lee Yong-sun of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) were among the co-hosts of the event.

The goal is to gather 10 million people in Korea and overseas by 2025 supporting inter-Korean unification. The “Korean Dream 10 Million” campaign will be completed by 2025, which marks the 80th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule, which ended in 1945.

Participants of the rally pledged to work together for Korean unification regardless of differences in their ideologies and political or religious beliefs. They agreed to be vocal about those suffering from the division and arouse international support for unification.

“It has been 78 years since the country was liberated and 70 years since the Korean War was halted after the two Koreas reached an armistice,” Rep. Lee said during the rally. “But with Washington-Beijing tensions intensifying and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the world seems to have regressed from the era of dialogue and cooperation back to that of division and turfs. To secure peace over the Korean Peninsula, unification that is supported domestically and internationally is key.”

Participants of the rally also shared strategies that could help them attain their goal.

Co-chairman of Action for Korea United Seo In-teck and President of the Institute of Literature and Culture Lee Yeong-joon said the build-up process will employ K-pop concerts in seven cities on six different continents in 2025 and a nationwide walkathon from Haenam County in South Jeolla Province to Seoul for 33 days this September. In October, the organizers plan to hold a unification-themed festival for 100,000 visitors in Yeouido, Seoul.

Kim Ho-il, president of the Korean Senior Citizens’ Association, said the country’s unification process has been stymied by political differences for the past 70 years.

“It’s time to shatter that frame and realize unification that transcends political, religious and cultural barriers,” he added.

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